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The People's Cloud

Turbulence in the Chamber

Turbulence in the Chamber explores the inner workings of The Cloud. The piece explores the claustrophobic atmosphere inside the modern Data Centre. The composition of sound in the piece serves as a stifling electroacoustic transmission that envelops the listener with mechanical chatter and cyclical hum. The piece identifies fundamental frequencies within a particular data centre. They are isolated and are then used to create a harmonic remix of the space to reflect the environment’s ‘sonic signature’. The bass frequencies come from the sound of a compressor connected to the universal power supply (UPS) within the space that dramatically dumps air. The piece feels immersive; lower frequencies swell as a series of animations form a caged like environment reflective of the experience of human interaction in the space but also reflective of the security aspects of the digital content stored within the endless racks of data storage.