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Lighting up the Information Superhighway

Lighting up the Information Superhighway examines the culture in the often secretive world of data centre’s to use high volumes of LED’s as both a notification tool and to make data centres attractive environments. A quick study of commercial videos and stock imagery of data centres demonstrates a high volume of LED’s on display that are ironically combined with information about high security and how only a very limited number of people ever get to access the server racks themselves. LED-lamps are low-emission materials that are often used in excess for no major gain to the functionality of the otherwise noisy and empty world of the data centre.

The composition of the piece draws from the ambient recordings made inside the data centre; the sound of an automatic door opening as I walk past the main rack space, a compressor kicking into action for air conditioning, the intoxicating hum of hundreds of fans desperately defending the surfaces of warm CPU processor chips. The video combines responsive real-time generated visualisations from the rack space recordings with video footage of the mass of LEDs within the space.