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The People's Cloud

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Soundtrack is an hour of field recordings, soundscapes and compositions produced exclusively from recordings taken during field trips to critical sites of media infrastructure including data centres in Iceland, The Netherlands and the UK, hydroelectric power stations in Iceland, Fibre Optic landing stations and other critical network sites across Europe and one of the world’s most powerful computers, SURFsara.

The People's Cloud collective travelled across Europe, visiting various sites of media infrastructures, Data Centres, Fibre Optic Cable Networks, Internet exchanges, Supercomputers, surveying their acoustic properties and their relationship with the overall environmental and geopolitical impact of mobile data storage.

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  1. 1. WITCH
  2. 2. Blue Panelled HVAC Inside LD5
  3. 3. UPS in LD5
  4. 4. Icelandic Church Tower/Underground Kompressor
  5. 5. Data Cable Landing(s)
  6. 6. Quantum Leaps
  7. 7. KEF201C
  8. 8. Top Turbine/Hydroelectric
  9. 9. AM3 HVAC From Above
  10. 10. WITCH (Reprise)
  11. 11. Internet Exchange
  12. 12. SURFsara
  13. 13. Closed Garden
  14. 14. Alexander